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Founded in 2006

NECS recognizes many challenges farmers overcome on a daily basis in order to continue producing food and stewarding their land.  We strive to establish and maintain long term relationships built upon this understanding and trust.  We differentiate ourselves by our ability to collaborate, our “can-do” attitude and our patient persistence to see initiatives through to completion.


NECS serves as a liaison between farmers and those involved with projects such as planners, engineers, permitting authorities, attorneys, developers, contractors and others.   NECS’ management of a project until fruition affords the farmer peace of mind knowing than an honest, efficient, and agriculturally sensitive methodology is being applied to their property while striving to maximize their economic returns and overall property stewardship.    
Planning is the first stage to any successful project and the efficiency with which NECS assimilates information minimizes expenses during this phase.  NECS then presents its findings, illustrates potential next steps along with potential pro’s and con’s of each, identifies potential sources of funding available to assist with project expenses, initiates contractor discussions and facilitates between all parties throughout the projects implementation.  NECS believes communication to be the key component of any successful project; therefore, extreme diligence is given to keeping all parties informed while maintaining forward momentum.

Green Field

Our goal is to expand the capacity of farmers to revitalize their operations and help ensure that the land they steward remains actively farmed for generations to come.

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